Teraplast Pasubio Cassa Essential Plastic Planter Box

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  • Lightweight
  • UV, Temperature, & Shock Resistant
  • Non-Toxic & Recyclable
  • Indoor & Outdoor Planter

Teraplast Pasubio Cassa Essential Plastic Planter Box

The Pasubio Cassa Essential planter provides an artistic base for your most intricate plant designs. This rectangular planter box, which measures 31.5" x 15" x 16.6," features streamlined lines that beautifully tapers to a smaller foundation. Choose the planter in two finishes, including  Antracite and Cappuccino, to provide you additional options for further customization.

Since it is made in Italy of premium recyclable plastic material, you can rest assure that the planter will remain durable for years to come. Whether you expose them to high traffic areas or leave them outdoor in intense weather conditions, you can count on these planters maintaining their finish no matter the level of exposure.

The elongated planter, which can serve as a natural divider, is designed by artisans with attention to detail. Choose the Pasubio Cassa Essential for a durable yet attractive solution for your landscaping designs.


Pasubio Cassa
31.5" L x 15.7" W x 16.6" H
Inside: 29" L x 13.4" W
15 gallons
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