Lechuza Cubico Premium Planter

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  • 100% Recyclable
  • Frost & UV Resistant
  • Award Winning Self-Watering System
  • First Class German Engineering
  • Indoor Planter Only

Lechuza Cubico Premium Tall Square Planter Pot

ShatterproofUltralightUV-ResistantHigh-Quality PlasticHigh-Quality PlasticIndoor Planter

Want a stylish planter for a miniature floral presentation? A single orchid? Perhaps you’re looking for a more sizable vessel to accommodate palms, Elephant Ear plants, or Bromeliads. Lechuza’s line of Cubico Planters provides a wide range of sizes to accommodate your needs — all with the distinct tapered square profile that will make any of your groupings cohesive.

The Cubico Planter line includes the Mini-Cubico and the Maxi-Cubico; tabletop versions that measure 4" x 4" x 7" and 6" x 6" x 10", respectively.  All planters in this line include a handy water-level indicator, which takes the guesswork out of whether your plant is getting adequate moisture.

The Cubico line also includes planters ranging in size from 9" x 9" x 16" to 20" x 20" x 37", as well as the tall Cubico Alto which, at 41 inches tall, provides you with the option of creating a commanding presence in your entryway, family room or other areas of your home. These tall square planters include a drop in liner and sub-irrigation system that keeps plant maintenance minimal.

Designing with Cubico Planters also is enhanced with a selection of seven vibrant colors: Shiny Taupe, White High-Gloss, Scarlet Red High-Gloss, Black High-Gloss, Espresso Metallic, Silver Metallic and Charcoal Metallic. Go neutral or go bold. This line of planters gives you many design possibilities for your home, whether you live in an upscale condominium, tiny apartment or spacious house.


4" L x 7" H
Grow Pot Size (max): Direct Plant
Water reservoir: 16.9 fluid oz
6" L x 10" H
Grow Pot Size (max): Direct Plant
Water reservoir: 33.8 fluid oz
Cubico 9"
9" L x 9" W x 16" H
Grow Pot Size (max): 8"
Water reservoir: 68 fluid oz
Cubico 12"
12" L x 12" W x 22" H
Grow Pot Size (max): 10"
Water reservoir: 1 liquid gallon
Cubico 16"
16" L x 16" W x 30" H
Grow Pot Size (max): 14"
Water reservoir: 2 liquid gallons
Cubico 20"
20" L x 20" W x 37" H
Grow Pot Size (max): 17"
Water reservoir: 4.2 liquid gallons
Cubico Alto 16"
16" L x 16" W x 41" H
Grow Pot Size (max): 14"
Water reservoir: 2 liquid gallons
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