Crescent Garden Self Watering Cup Planter

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CG Cup Planter
  • Heavy-Duty, Lightweight, Plastic Design
  • Built-in Self-Watering System Included
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Anti-Shock, Crack Proof, & Weather Resistant
  • Double Walled Construction Indoor & Outdoor Planter

Give your home an upgrade with Crescent Garden’s Cup, a modern take on the traditional urn planter. With a distinct silhouette that tapers gracefully at the bottom, this planter adds a striking presence to your living room, deck, entryway or any other space deserving of a beautiful accent.  

Whether your style preference is contemporary, coastal or minimalist, the Cup will seamlessly complement your furnishings. Available in three sizes and seven neutral hues, this planter gives you numerous design possibilities. Choose it in Cloud White or Ash for a serene presentation. Select it in darker hues like Bark, Caviar Black, Midnight, Olive or Slate for a sophisticated look. The Cup is available in 16,” 19” and 22” diameters to serve as a foundation for plants of various sizes.

The Crescent Garden Cup also features the TruDrop One self-watering system, which keeps maintenance at a minimum whether you take your plants indoors or outdoors. A built-in reservoir provides a steady supply of water, allowing you to go on vacation for several weeks without worrying about the health of your plants. 

Made of 100% recyclable materials, this lightweight yet durable planter will endure varying weather conditions without fading, cracking or breaking. 




Cup 16"
16" Dia x 30" H
Base: 10"
Water Reservoir: 3.17 gallons
Soil Capacity: 6.16 gallons

Cup 19"
19" Dia x 35" H
Base: 11"
Water Reservoir: 5.65 gallons
Soil Capacity: 11.29 gallons

Cup 22"
20" Dia x 39" H
Base: 13"
Water Reservoir: 8.32 gallons
Soil Capacity: 19.15 gallons

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