Retractable Feather Duster

  • Retractable
  • Made of Ostrich Feathers
  • Holds dust until shaken
  • Hangable handle hole

Keep your home or office free from dust and dirt with our Retractable Feather Duster. Made from genuine gray Ostrich Feathers, this duster is designed to effectively trap dust and dirt until you're ready to shake it off for easy cleanup. Its retractable feature allows you to adjust the length of the duster from 10 inches when closed to 14 inches when open, making it perfect for reaching difficult-to-clean areas like high ceilings and corners. The black plastic casing includes a notch that locks the duster in an open position, ensuring that you have a steady grip while cleaning. The feathers are bound by a durable metal wire coil to prevent shedding, ensuring that you can use this duster for years to come. Whether you're a professional cleaner or someone who wants to maintain a clean environment at home, our Retractable Feather Duster is the perfect cleaning tool for you.

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