ProTone Fiberglass Rectangle Planter Collection - 12" Wide

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 Head's up! Our ProTone fiberglass planters are hand-finished just for you. We currently expect to ship your order within 2‑4 weeks.
  • Multiple finishes available. Stonelight series: Pearlstone, Greystone, Sunstone; Weathered Steel series: Rust
  • Built-in UV protection and frost resistance for year-round use
  • Lightweight and easy to move for hassle-free maintenance
  • Multiple styles and sizes to fit your space perfectly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Hand-finished to order in the U.S.

The ProTone Fiberglass Planter: Elevate Your Green Projects with Style and Durability

Our Protone fiberglass planter is an embodiment of sophistication meticulously designed to elevate the fascination of your indoor and outdoor spaces. Immerse yourself in the enduring charm offered by stone, corten steel, or granite finishes, and discover the innovative craftsmanship that delivers a planter of unparalleled grace—striking the perfect balance between featherlight design and unwavering durability, shattering the fragility constraints associated with typical materials.

Revel in the tranquility of year-round beauty with our ProTone Fiberglass Planter's engineered resilience. Imbued with built-in UV protection and frost resistance, this planter defies the whims of weather, promising an enduring aesthetic that transcends seasonal changes.

With the lightweight design of our fiberglass planters, effortlessly move and rearrange your space, adapting to evolving design trends or seasonal transitions with unparalleled ease.

Wallow in your sense of style with our diverse range of finishes. From the organic tones of the Stonelight series, including Pearlstone, Greystone, and Sunstone, to the captivating Rust finish of the Weathered Steel series, each option is a canvas for personal expression, ensuring your planter is a true reflection of your individual taste.

Commence on a journey where artistry meets functionality, where the ProTone Fiberglass Planter becomes a testament to your discerning taste and appreciation for enduring beauty. Redefine your spaces with a planter that transcends the ordinary, offering an exquisite fusion of aesthetics and innovation.


Size (L x W X H)

Max. Grow Pot


12" x 12" x 18"H 10" PT.69400.C
12" x 12" x 24"H (2) 10" PT.69405.C
12" x 12" x 32"H (3) 10" PT.69410.C
24" x 12" x 18"H 14" PT.69400.24
24" x 12" x 24"H 21" PT.69405.24
24" x 12" x 32"H 21" / (3) 10" PT.69410.24
36" x 12" x 18"H (2) 14" / (3) 10" PT.69400.36
36" x 12" x 24"H 21" / (2) 10" PT.69405.36
36" x 12" x 32"H (4) 10" PT.69410.36
48" x 12" x 18"H (3) 14" / (3) 10" PT.69400.48
48" x 12" x 24"H (2) 21" / (4) 10" PT.69405.48
48" x 12" x 32"H (3) 10" PT.69410.48
60" x 12" x 18"H (5) 10" PT.69400.60
60" x 12" x 24"H (5) 10" T.69405.60
60" x 12" x 32"H (4) 14" / (5) 10"
72" x 12" x 18"H (7) 10" PT.69400.72
72" x 12" x 24"H (7) 10" PT.69405.72
72" x 12" x 32"H (5) 14" / (7) 10" PT.69410.72
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