Planter Shapes

Planter shapes can accent a space and help to convey a desired ambiance. Take interior and exterior landscapes to the next level by selecting planter shapes that best highlight your overall designs.

Rectangular Planters

Create a contemporary plant display with rectangular planter boxes. Ranging from small tabletop to extra large rectangular planter sizes, it’s easy to find needed dimensions and finishes as an accent for your decor. Use tall rectangular planters as a subtle room divider, or as a focal point for a room. Smaller rectangle planters can be used on ledges and shelves to add a sophisticated accent. Choose planters that fit your usage best with options constructed out of fiberglass, plastic, aluminium and faux concrete.

Square Plant Pots

The hard lines and symmetry of cube planters add a modern edge to interior and exterior plant designs. Create a tasteful exterior arrangement with large square planter boxes that accent your patio furniture, or use a smaller modern square planter to accentuate interior spaces. Aluminum, fiberglass, recyclable plastic and faux stone composites ensure your square plant pots endure negative weather conditions.

Round Planter Pots

Round planters add gentle curves to interior and exterior designs. Modern cylinder planters add contemporary energy, while classically shaped round planters add interest to classic plant designs. Available in a variety of sizes to fit nearly any indoor or outdoor application, rounded planters are sure to provide a distinct presence to any display. Constructed from an array of materials including aluminum, fiberglass, recyclable plastic and glass fiber reinforced concrete, there are many options available to add a lovely touch to your indoor and outdoor decor.

Tapered Plant Pots

Draw attention to elements of your decor with tapered plant pots that gently lead eyes to look at blooming flowers and enchanting greenery. Built from materials such as metal, fiberglass, plastic and GFRC composites with dimensions made to fit nearly any space, quickly and easily find a finishing touch to help your greenery stand out.

Tall Planter Pots

Tall planters are an ideal option for when interior and exterior designs need a little extra height. With a wide range of dimensions and available in both round and square shapes, tall planter pots have the ability to take plant designs to the next level. Planters are constructed out of a variety of materials including aluminum, fiberglass and resin composites.

Ball Plant Pots

Quickly and easily transform the way designed spaces look with a simple upgrade to a round sphere planter. The spherical shape of globe planters provide an upscale ambiance to interior and exterior designs. Available in a few select sizes, large sphere planters offer eye-catching contrast to the natural textures of plants, while smaller globe planters provide a distinct accent to the plants contained within. Constructed out of malleable plastic and fiberglass, our selection of spherical ball planters offer a stable base for any variety of plant installments.

Abstract Planters

Varied textures and geometric shapes of abstract planter pots allow you to create unmatched designs that truly stand out. Planter shapes include organic forms that resemble rocks to futuristic and quirky planter pot silhouettes. Formed from a variety of materials, primarily fiberglass and recyclable plastic, these planters were certainly made certain to grab attention.

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