GFRC Planters

GFRC, or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, planters were created as a light weight alternative to cast stone plant containers. While they look and feel like the real thing, GFRC planters are more easily maneuvered due to their lighter weight and high durability. GFRC planters are perfect for both commercial and large scale residential outdoor environments.
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  1. GFRC Metropolis Cube Planter

    As low as $1,139.99
  2. GFRC Davos Square Planter

    As low as $1,219.99
  3. GFRC Metropolis Rectangle Planter Box

    As low as $849.99
  4. GFRC Davos Round Planter Pot

    As low as $1,019.99
  5. GFRC Contour Low Bowl

    As low as $1,359.99
  6. GFRC Davos Rectangle Planter

    As low as $989.99
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