Lechuza Trio Cottage Wicker Planter Box

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  • 100% Recyclable
  • Frost & UV Resistant
  • Award Winning Self-Watering System
  • First Class German Engineering
  • Indoor & Outdoor Planter

Lechuza Trio Cottage Wicker Planter

ShatterproofUltralightUV-ResistantHigh-Quality PlasticHome & Garden Planter

The Lechuza Trio Cottage planter, which is available in White, Mocha and Granite, provides the ideal base for flowering plants. With its sizable rectangular dimensions, you can create stunning privacy screens for patios, decks, sitting areas or other home landscape design projects.

This planter also features a wicker-like appearance that provides more depth and texture than ordinary planters. However, because of its construction of high quality resin, it is resistant to cracking and fading even in extreme weather conditions. Available in two sizes, 39" L x 13" W and 51" L x 17" W, the Lechuza Trio Cottage Patio Planter has the depth to allow plants and, even more specifically, vining plants to thrive. Add the optional trellis to better support vining, climbing plants.

The self-watering, sub-irrigation system enables you to enjoy your plants without constant maintenance for up to 12 weeks. The planter’s three removable liners allow you to easily pre-plant your flowers and foliage and transport them individually to their desired location.


Trio 39"
39" L x 13" W x 13" H
Base: 38.4" L x 11.6" W
Grow Pot Size (max): (3) 10"
Water Reservoir: (3) 1.1 liquid gallons
Plant Volume: (3) 3.2 dry gallons
Plant Liner: (3) 9.8" x 9.8"
Planting Depth: 9.1"

Trio 51"
51" L x 17" W x 17" H
Base: 49.6" L x 15" W
Grow Pot Size (max): (3) 12"
Water Reservoir: (3) 2 liquid gallons
Plant Volume: (3) 7 dry gallons
Plant Liner: (3) 13.6" x 13.6"
Planting Depth: 11"

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