Lechuza Coaster

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  • Recessed, Sturdy Rollers
  • Easily Move Heavy Planters

Easily move your potted plants around your home or garden with our convenient wheeled plant coaster. Perfect for larger or heavier pots, this coaster features sturdy construction and four recessed wheels that allow you to effortlessly roll your plants wherever you want them.

Made from high-quality materials, our wheeled plant coaster is built to last and can hold pots of various sizes and weights. The coaster's design includes a groove to securely hold the base of your planter, ensuring that it stays in place during transportation.

The smooth-rolling wheels of our plant coaster make it easy to maneuver, while the coaster's sleek and stylish design blends seamlessly with any decor. Whether you're looking to bring your plants indoors for the winter, or simply want to rearrange your garden for optimal sun exposure, our wheeled plant coaster is the perfect solution.

Invest in our wheeled plant coaster today and enjoy the convenience and versatility of easy plant transportation.

SKU: 19880 10.25" Diameter Weight: 1.2 lbs Use with: Classico 17 and Quadro 17
SKU: 13403 11.75" Diameter Weight: 1.3 lbs Use with: Classico 20 and Quadro 20

SKU: 13503 14.25" Diameter Weight: 1.65 lbs Use with: Classico 24

SKU: 13603 16.375" Diameter Weight: 1.95 lbs Use with: Classico 28

SKU: 13427 10.25" Diameter Weight: 1.2 lbs Use with: Cubico 12

SKU: 13417 12.25" Diameter Weight: 1.3 lbs Use with: Cubico 16

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