Lechuza Classico Premium Planter

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  • 100% Recyclable
  • Frost & UV Resistant
  • Award Winning Self-Watering System
  • First Class German Engineering
  • Indoor Planter Only

Lechuza Classico Premium Self Watering Planter

ShatterproofUltralightUV-ResistantHigh-Quality PlasticIndoor Planter

With its tapered lines, Lechuza’s Classico Planter offers an intriguing alternative to the simple round planter. Available in seven sizes — 9" x 8", 11" x 10", 14" x 13", 17" x 16", 20" x 19", 24" x 22" and 28" x 25," the planter is able to accommodate your larger palm trees as well as small greenery.

Place one in your entryway as part of a stunning welcoming presentation for guests. Or fill out a space in your family room to add an element of style and nature. Select a smaller size to add some pizzazz to your tabletops. The Classico Planter is available in 20+ vibrant hues. Choose Silver Metallic for a more sophisticated presence, Shiny Taupe for understated elegance or Scarlet Red High-Gloss for a modern bold look. It also is available in Charcoal Metallic, Black High-Gloss, Espresso Metallic and White High-Gloss finishes. Premium paint options are also available. Enjoy bright hues such as pink, yellow, green and blue, metallics in gold and silver, and neutrals including black, white, brown and grey.

Along with its stylish qualities, the Classico Planter is highly functional. It comes with the award winning Lechuza self-watering system. This sub-irrigation feature ensures that your plant flourishes with a low level of maintenance.


Classico 9"
9" Dia  x 8" H
Base: 6"
Grow Pot Size (max): 8"
Water Reservoir: 27 fluid oz
Plant Volume: 2.8 dry quarts
Planting Depth: 5"
Classico 11"
11" Dia x 10" H
Base: 7.5"
Grow Pot Size (max): 8"
Water Reservoir: 68 fluid oz
Plant Volume: 1.6 dry gallons
Planting Depth: 7"
Classico 14"
14" Dia x 13" H
Base: 9.75"
Grow Pot Size (max): 12"
Water Reservoir: 1 liquid gallon
Plant Volume: 3 dry gallons
Planting Depth: 9"
Classico 17"
17" Dia x 16" H
Base: 11.5"
Grow Pot Size (max): 14"
Water Reservoir: 1.6 liquid gallons
Plant Volume: 6.3 dry gallons
Planting Depth: 10"
Classico 20"
20" Dia x 19" H
Base: 13.5"
Grow Pot Size (max): 17"
Water Reservoir: 2.4 liquid gallons
Plant Volume: 9.1 dry gallons
Planting Depth: 12"
Classico 24"
24" Dia x 22" H
Base: 16.75"
Grow Pot Size (max): 21"
Water Reservoir: 4.5 liquid gallons
Plant Volume: 20.4 dry gallons
Planting Depth: 15"
Classico 28"
28" Dia x 25" H
Base: 18.75"
Grow Pot Size (max): 24"
Water Reservoir: 7 liquid gallons
Plant Volume: 32.9 dry gallons
Planting Depth: 18"
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