Fiskars Softgrip Bypass Pruner

  • Handles Offer Comfort & Control
  • 5/8" Maximum Cutting Capacity
  • Storage lock

The Fiskars Softgrip Bypass Pruner is a high-quality pruning tool designed for comfortable use and precise cuts. The pruner features softgrip touchpoints that make pruning flowers, stems, and light branches more comfortable and easier to control. The ergonomic Softgrip handle reduces hand fatigue during extended use, allowing you to prune for longer periods of time without discomfort.

The blade is made of fully hardened, precision-ground steel that stays sharp even through heavy use. The blade also features a low-friction coating that helps it glide through wood, preventing the blade from gumming up with sap and debris, and helps it resist rust. This means you can count on clean, precise cuts every time you use the pruner.

The Fiskars Softgrip Bypass Pruner has a 5/8" maximum cutting capacity, making it ideal for making clean cuts on green, living growth. The easy-open lock protects the blade during transport and storage, ensuring the blade stays sharp and ready to use.

Overall, the Fiskars Softgrip Bypass Pruner is a durable and comfortable pruning tool that offers precision cuts and easy handling. Whether you're a professional landscaper or a gardening enthusiast, this pruner is a must-have for your toolkit.

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