Crescent Garden Pleat Ribbed Planter Pot

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  • Heavy-Duty, Lightweight Plastic Design
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Anti-Shock & Crack Proof
  • Weather Resistant
  • Comes with pre-drilled drainage hole
  • Outdoor Planter

Pleat Fluted Ribbed Planter Pot

The ribbed texture of the Pleat planter pot offers texture and dimension to plant designs. Pair these planters with flowers and greenery and place along walkways, decks, and patios for an eye-catching display. 

Made of lightweight and 100 percent recyclable materials, this ribbed planter pot is easy to move. Available in 7 different sizes ranging from 15 inches to 27 inches, these ribbed planter pots offer dimensions made to fit a variety of design needs. Use the small ribbed planters for small seasonal displays, and the extra large ribbed planter pots for deep-rooted plants.

Further customize plant designs with 8 color options. Match landscapes with colors of alpine white, ash grey, bark brown, caviar black, midnight dark blue, olive green, dark grey slate, and weathered terracotta.

Each planter comes with a pre-drilled drainage hole to ensure plants are not overwatered and won’t suffer from root rot. Constructed to withstand extreme weather, the Pleat planter is made to last. Additionally, the Pleat is a food safe planter option. Use these planters to grow fruits and vegetables.

Durable and versatile, the Pleat ribbed planter pot is ready to create a lasting impression in your spaces.

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