Teraplast Jardinera Veneto Essential Plastic Trough Planter

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  • Lightweight
  • UV, Temperature, & Shock Resistant
  • Non-Toxic & Recyclable
  • Indoor & Outdoor Planter

Teraplast Jardinera Veneto Essential Plastic Trough Planter

Never again will you have to settle for a plain planter for your green designs. With the Jardinera Veneto Essential planter, you can elevate your displays of plants to natural works of art. This Italian-made rectangular trough planter features rounded curves that projects an artistic form. Pair it with ferns, cacti or flowering plants to customize your interior and exterior spaces in style.

Choose from among two finishes and two sizes for further customization. In the dark Antracite finish, the planter provides a sophisticated touch to your design schemes. Choose it in a Cappuccino finish for an earthier look. It is available in an 11.4" x 23" x 10" size or a more generous size of 13" x 26" x 11" to provide you with more options for decorating your commercial or residential spaces.

No matter your selection, you can count on this vessel maintaining its good looks no matter how long it is exposed to the outdoor elements. Year-round, the Jardinera Veneto planter will maintain its lustrous finish. It is constructed of high quality plastic material that lends to its durability and lighter weight.


Jardinera Veneto
11.4" L x 23" W x 10" H
Inside: 9.8" L x 21.3" W
9.76 gallons
Jardinera Veneto
13" L x 26" W x 11" H
Inside: 11.4" L x 24.4" W
15.44 gallons

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