PolyPebbles Plastic Rocks and Stones

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  • Made of 100% Recycled Material
  • UV Resistant
  • Lightweight Composition

PolyPebbles Plastic Rocks & Stones

Poly Pebbles faux plastic rocks are molded out of durable recycled poly resins, then polished to look like real river stones. These decorative landscaping stones are significantly lighter weight than real rocks, making them easier to handle and ship. PolyPebbles are a perfect planter top dressing for hiding unsightly soil and dirt. These plastic stones can be used in planter beds, atriums, fountains and more. 


Large Pebbles

Stone sizes of large PolyPebbles average 1.5 inches. Manufactured to be as light as possible for ease of use and and transportation, the larger sized PolyPebble rocks will not sink if submerged in water. Frequently used as top dressings in atriums and larger plant designs.

  • High-Density Coverage: approx 3' x 1' per bag
  • Low-Density Coverage: approx 4' x 1' per bag

Small Pebbles

Sizes of small PolyPebbles average .5 inches to 1 inch. Though lightweight enough for easy transport, these smaller stones are designed to sink in water and can be used in floral arrangements and water features.

  • High-Density Coverage: approx 9 sq inches per bag
  • Low-Density Coverage: approx 1 sq ft per bag
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