Lechuza Classico Premium Planter

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  • 100% Recyclable
  • Frost & UV Resistant
  • Award Winning Self-Watering System
  • First Class German Engineering
  • Indoor Planter Only

Lechuza Classico Premium Self Watering Planter

ShatterproofUltralightUV-ResistantHigh-Quality PlasticIndoor Planter

With its tapered lines, Lechuza’s Classico Planter offers an intriguing alternative to the simple round planter. Available in seven sizes — 9" x 8", 11" x 10", 14" x 13", 17" x 16", 20" x 19", 24" x 22" and 28" x 25," the planter is able to accommodate your larger palm trees as well as small greenery.

Place one in your entryway as part of a stunning welcoming presentation for guests. Or fill out a space in your family room to add an element of style and nature. Select a smaller size to add some pizzazz to your tabletops. The Classico Planter is available in 7 vibrant hues. Choose Silver Metallic for a more sophisticated presence, Shiny Taupe for understated elegance or Scarlet Red High-Gloss for a modern bold look. It also is available in Charcoal Metallic, Black High-Gloss, Espresso Metallic and White High-Gloss finishes.

Along with its stylish qualities, the Classico Planter is highly functional. It comes with the award winning Lechuza self-watering system. This sub-irrigation feature ensures that your plant flourishes with a low level of maintenance.


Classico 9"
9" Dia  x 8" H
Grow Pot Size (max): 8"
Water reservoir: 27 fluid oz
Classico 11"
11" Dia x 10" H
Grow Pot Size (max): 8"
Water reservoir: 68 fluid oz
Classico 14"
14" Dia x 13" H
Grow Pot Size (max): 12"
Water reservoir: 1 liquid gallon
Classico 17"
17" Dia x 16" H
Grow Pot Size (max): 14"
Water reservoir: 1.6 liquid gallons
Classico 20"
20" Dia x 19" H
Grow Pot Size (max): 17"
Water reservoir: 2.4 liquid gallons
Classico 24"
24" Dia x 22" H
Grow Pot Size (max): 21"
Water reservoir: 4.5 liquid gallons
Classico 28"
28" Dia x 25" H
Grow Pot Size (max): 24"
Water reservoir: 7 liquid gallons
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