Garden Tower Composting 50 Plant Organic Garden

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  • 50 Plant Container Garden
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 100% Food Grade, Non-Toxic HDPE Plastic Composition
  • Made in the USA

Garden Tower 2

With the Garden Tower 2, there’s no need to have a spacious yard to grow a bountiful garden. Plant an assortment of organic vegetables, herbs, and fruits on your patio, deck, or porch. Want to mix in a few flowering plants? With the Garden Tower 2, you can do it all. This vertical garden, which measures 26 inches wide (with the feet installed) by 43 inches tall, has the room to grow 50 plants in a 4 square foot confined space. It’s an ideal way for the urban dweller to bring a bit of the countryside to their homes, no matter how small.

The Garden Tower is an environmentally friendly way to feed your family. It allows you to minimize your footprint by growing your plants vertically while eliminating weeding, electricity, loss of nutrients, and the water loss typically associated with conventional gardening. Not only is this vertical garden economical on space, it features an integrated self-composter in the center. You can speed up the composting process with the addition of earthworms, and a regular supply of vegetable scraps from your kitchen. This process provides your plants with a rich, organic fertilizer.

Made in the USA of 100% food grade, non-toxic HDPE plastic, the Garden Tower is easy to assemble with no tools necessary. Maintenance is a breeze as well. There’s no need to move around the tower to water and maintain your plants. The entire tower spins, allowing you to easily manage the light and water your vegetables, flowers, and herbs receive all while standing in one spot. The Garden Tower features a drawer that captures excess water and nutrients that can be recycled and used to re-water the tower. The base of the planter features sturdy wide legs that ensure that it will remain stable, even in high winds.

Within no time, you can reap what you sow with the Garden Tower. Enjoy home grown green beans, radishes, turnips, tomatoes, carrots, parsley, and more for years to come. The Garden Tower has a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

It's no wonder the Garden Tower 2 was named the “World’s Most Advanced Container Garden.”



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