Cosapots Planters

Discover the beauty of Cosapots planters, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans under the guidance of Belgian architects. Each planter is handmade using premium resins and fiberglass, ensuring exceptional durability and backed by a 5-year warranty. These planters are frost-resistant and impermeable, guaranteeing long-lasting beauty in any weather. With their natural look, Cosapots seamlessly fit into any environment, adding elegance to your space. Thoughtful design features like the reinforced rim and raised bottom for optimal drainage enhance both the aesthetics and functionality.

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  1. Cosapots Semplito Grand Wide Rectangle Planter - 59"L x 19"W x 23"H

    As low as $992.00
  2. Cosapots Reglito Square Planter - 19"W x 31"H

    As low as $556.00
  3. Cosapots Mondo High Tall Round Planter - 17" diam. x 30"H

    As low as $416.00
  4. Cosapots Orbo Globe Planter - 20"H–30"H

    As low as $308.00
  5. Cosapots Semplito Modular Rectangle Planter Collection - 39"L x 19"W

    As low as $553.00
  6. Cosapots Mondo Round Planter - 19"H–40"H

    As low as $281.00
  7. Cosapots Reglito Cube Planter - 20"H–40"H

    As low as $431.00
  8. Cosapots Reglo Modular Rectangle Planter Collection - 11" Wide

    As low as $301.00
  9. Cosapots Lofto Tall Round Planter - 30"H–43"H

    As low as $260.00
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