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Campania GFRC Planters

From classic to contemporary, we offer an extensive range of plant containers to deliver that upscale look to your commercial and high-end residential outdoor environments. Available in a variety of materials and styles, you're sure to find the perfect planter to complement to your landscape design. 

Note: Campania/GFRC line excluded from sitewide promotions.

6 Items

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  1. Campania GFRC Metropolis Cube Planter

    As low as $1,139.99
  2. Campania GFRC Davos Square Planter

    As low as $1,219.99
  3. Campania GFRC Metropolis Rectangle Planter Box

    As low as $849.99
  4. Campania GFRC Davos Round Planter Pot

    As low as $1,019.99
  5. Campania GFRC Contour Low Bowl

    As low as $1,359.99
  6. Campania GFRC Davos Rectangle Planter

    As low as $989.99
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