Choosing An OUTDOOR Planter

Designed for durability, large and small outdoor planters are made to give spaces lasting flair without the hassle of constant maintenance.

Modern Outdoor Planters

Bring gorgeous accents to exterior porches, patios, decks, sidewalks, balconies, and yards with large and small outdoor planters filled with thriving flowers and plants. Accentuate these spaces with unique outdoor planter shapes—including rectangles, squares, urns, troughs, cubes, round cylinders, bowls, and boxes—to help create stunning and unique landscapes that are made to last.

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Should you use large or small outdoor planters?

Selecting the right size for your outdoor planter pots is key for both exquisite landscape designs and overall plant health. Small outdoor plant containers may be too small to allow plants to properly root and grow. However, small outdoor plant pots with seasonal displays can offer a nice contrast during different seasons. 

Most outdoor landscapes typically use extra large outdoor planters to both fill space and allow plants sufficient room to grow. Popular choices are large rectangular planters for walkways and patios, while tall planters often accent entryways and walls. 

Outdoor planters are constructed from a variety of materials for lasting durability. Fiberglass, metal, glass fiber reinforced concrete, and UV-resistant plastic outdoor planters are all common selections based on their weather-resistant properties and overall durability.

what material is best for an outdoor planter?


Plastic outdoor planters are an incredibly affordable outdoor option. Lightweight and durable, plastic resin outdoor planters can be made to imitate textures and finishes like concrete and terracotta. Though these planters can last through many seasons, they might not last as long as other materials.


Fiberglass outdoor planters are the most economical option for those looking for a balance of durability and affordability. Fiberglass planters are lightweight and built to withstand hot and cold seasons and high-traffic spaces. Hand-coated with a UV resistant paint, the finish on fiberglass planters won’t crack or fade.


Metal aluminum outdoor planters offer a high-end look with low maintenance. Commercial-grade construction paired with powder-coated finishes provide an upscale look while offering serious durability benefits. Though metal planters often retain heat, they won’t chip, crack or break from heavy traffic.


Concrete outdoor planters are highly durable. However, concrete can be expensive, and extremely heavy and difficult to move. Glass fiber reinforced concrete planters are an alternative composite that can give the same look as concrete without the added weight.


Terracotta planters offer a rustic feel to landscapes. However, as outdoor planters, terracotta pots can be prone to cracks and breakage due to their porous clay construction. These planters must be sealed before exterior use if they need to last through the years.


Ceramic planters offer elegance to outdoor plant designs. Often available in a variety of colors and finishes, these planters offer a unique accent to indoor and outdoor landscapes. Made from porous clay, these planters are fragile and heavy, and are more likely to crack and break during cold winters.

best selling outdoor planters

Explore our extensive collection of modern and traditional outdoor planter styles and silhouettes. Accent home landscapes, streetscapes, patios, gardens, decks and balconies with frost and UV-resistant outdoor containers with drainage holes, made and finished with quality and attention to detail.

large tapered round planter containing a tree sits on a white patio
Amsterdam Round Planter
a trio of tall tapered outdoor planters in a row
Bowery Tall Planter
three round tapered planters in an outdoor setting
Madison Round Planter
greenery in a tapered rectangle planter on patio
Paris Rectangle Planter

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create a backyard oasis

Use planters with a variety of finishes, textures, and colors to create luxurious outdoor designs.

fiberglass planter with custom color palette

UV Resistant Color Options for Planters

Pair planters to landscape designs with a selection of 20+ UV resistant and automotive-grade color options. Explore outdoor planters in shades and hues of black, white, grey, brown, tan, beige, terracotta, blue, pink, yellow, orange, green, purple, teal and red. 

Accepted ePartners have access to exclusive color customization options. Use custom RAL color codes to match outdoor planters to exterior designs.

do outdoor planters need drainage holes?

Yes! Drainage holes are necessary in outdoor planters to help prevent root rot.

Additionally, if water stays contained within a planter during cold seasons, the water can freeze and expand, causing the planter to crack and break. There are very few scenarios where outdoor planters should remain sealed. Drainage hole options are available on our selection of outdoor planters.

Review our ultimate guide on drainage holes for more information on why this option is necessary for healthy plants.

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large outdoor planter box for tree
blue abstract outdoor planter on white background
brown large round tapered outdoor plant container
olive green origami geometric outdoor planter on a white background


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