Our Guide to Large Planters

Find extra large indoor and outdoor planter pots made to fit the largest plants.


Large modern planters offer a sleek and streamlined look that can be customized to any number of indoor and outdoor designs. Silhouettes range from extra large round planter pots, sophisticated urn planters, elegant globes and spheres and timeless large planter boxes. Each planter is constructed with the highest quality in mind in a diverse array of dimensions.

Create modern minimalist indoor and outdoor spaces with clean lines, pleasing angles, and seamless geometric forms with a variety of our large modern planter options.

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Put plants where they’re needed in both indoor and outdoor environments. Each of our oversized planters are available in a selection of durable materials made to withstand the elements. 

Fiberglass, glass fiber reinforced concrete, plastic and metal planters can offer a modern finish made to last season after season in residential and commercial areas. Place in lobbies, on decks, patios, courtyards, entryways, hallways, office spaces, and atriums for a natural, contemporary look. 

Large outdoor plant pots filled with trees, bushes, or large leafed plants can add a tropical atmosphere to exterior landscaping, patios, pool decks, decks, sidewalks and courtyards.

Pairing statement plants with extra large indoor plant pots offers a unique accent to interior spaces. Place plants in corners, or use as a centerpiece in office lobby entryways for a lush, eye-catching display.

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We keep inventory in-stock and ready to move so planters can quickly be packed and shipped.

fast, free shipping

We work closely with our shipping partners to ensure planters arrive when they’re needed, and even extra large planters ship free domestically with orders over $99!

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large planter size options

Find the ideal dimensions for indoor and outdoor landscaping projects with in-stock planters in extra large sizes.

variety of planter shapes

Find extra large planter pots with rectangular, box, urn, round, oval, vase, square, spherical, bowl and geometric silhouettes for unique displays. Enjoy these planter shapes in both tall and shallow options for extra dimension.

UV Resistant Colors

Accent designs with an array of finishes in a UV-resistant colors, including hues and shades of black, white, grey, brown, tan, beige, terracotta, blue, pink, yellow, orange, green, purple, teal and red.

Material Options

Choose from fiberglass, metal, plastic, and glass fiber reinforced concrete extra large planters.

Gloss & Matte Finishes

Get the final finish you want with gloss and matte paint finish options.

Drainage Holes

A key part of plant health is proper drainage. Find a wide selection of large planters with drainage hole options.

A tall, grey tapered square self watering planter with a color swatch wheel


For spaces that need extra large planters in one-of-a-kind sizes and colors, our team is ready to help you bring your vision to life. Join our ePartner program and connect with our concierge to discuss custom planter sizes, options and shapes.

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Our best selling large planters

four black cube planters with trees on balcony
Fiberglass Montroy
Bowery Tall Square
Estate Square
tall tapered round planter with a natural finish holds decorative grass near a pool
Amsterdam Tall Round
Add pops of color

how to use big planters

Extra large planters offer a stunning accent to indoor and outdoor spaces. Fill with statement plants to create natural spaces and places.
Four white cube fiberglass planters sit in a line in a well-lit lobby
Mark a boundary
Divide a Space
Create Ambience
Provide Shade

frequently asked questions

The size of planter you need depends on the space you need to fill and the size of the plant. If you’re going to directly pot into the plant container, make sure there is ample space for the plant’s roots.

It depends. Without careful watering and care, a planter that is too large can hold too much moisture in the soil. Soil that takes too long to dry can lead to root rot and other plant problems.

Every plant needs proper drainage to thrive. Whether a large planter needs a drainage hole or not mostly depends on how you plan to plant your foliage, and whether or not the planter will be placed outdoors. Review our ultimate guide to drainage holes to help you decide whether your extra large planters need drainage holes.

Soil should be your first choice! However, potting soil can be heavy and expensive. If you’re planning on moving your planter around regularly, a large planter full of heavy soil may not be ideal. An easy trick shed to shed some weight is using lightweight plant pot fillers at the bottom of your planter. Use materials like recycled plastic bottles, reused packing materials, crushed cans, pine cones, wood chips, sticks or recycled cardboard and newspapers for an easy, lightweight filler.

Depending on the size and growth potential of your plants, you’ll need to decide how much soil is needed to adequately maintain the health of your plants. If the planter is large enough and it won’t interfere with the health of a plant, consider using a lightweight planter filler before adding soil. Then, simply add soil and your plant!

Extra Large Planters Shipped Extra Safely

We take pride in every planter we ship. Each large planter is carefully inspected, painted, packed and quickly shipped to ensure our customers receive top quality products when, and where they’re needed. To make sure our fiberglass planters safely arrive during shipping, we wrap planters in Grade-A breathable fabric and use sturdy cardboard insert panels to protect from bumps in shipping. On box exteriors we attach sturdy cardboard edge protectors to every corner which helps protect against damage from straps, and neon stickers to remind our shipping partners to carefully handle products.

we take pride in every planter we ship



large tapered round planter containing a tree sits on a white patio

Six Extra Large Self Watering Planters for Easy Plant Care

Self-watering planters are perfect for people who love plants but can’t stick to a watering schedule. Extra large self-watering planters make keeping the biggest plants properly moisturized, easy. Consider six of our favorite extra large self-watering planters—with options measuring at least 15 inches in length—you should consider adding to your interior or exterior designs.

backyard oasis created with natural colored tapered planters

11 Unique Extra Large Planters for Trees

Trees can add a stately dynamic to any interior or exterior design. Unfortunately, in an increasingly urban environment it can be difficult to plant trees where they are desired. Instead of placing them in the ground, one creative solution is to use extra large planters for trees. By using planters, trees can be placed in both indoor and outdoor environments with very little hassle.

Extra large, round black fiberglass planters filled with trees and bushes sit in the corner of a balcony

8 Large Fiberglass Planters for Indoor & Outdoor Designs

When accenting indoor and outdoor spaces, a round bowl planter adds an unmatched flair. When made out of fiberglass, these large bowl planters maintain extra durability and can be used in any indoor or outdoor location. By using large fiberglass planter bowls, designers, architects, and homeowners are able to create plant designs that last, and can be finished to match nearly any area.