Why Choose Fiberglass Planters?

Whether you’re using them indoors or out, pots and planters made from fiberglass are more durable, lightweight, and long-lasting.

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a reinforced composite of spun glass fibers laid together in a sheet, and held together with a resin. This creates an incredibly durable, lightweight and long-lasting material that can be used to create unique plant pots and planter container shapes in any number of styles, colors, and finishes.

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How are fiberglass Planters made?

Fiberglass planters are made by laying sheets of spun glass fibers over a mold, and covering the fiberglass sheets with a polyester resin. Once the resin dries, the planter is taken off of the mold, excess material is trimmed and carefully sanded to buff out imperfections, then coated with a primer. The fiberglass planter is then finished with an automotive-grade paint for additional durability. This process results in a hand-crafted fiberglass planter that lasts, is durable, lightweight, UV resistant, and has the ability to withstand damage and corrosion in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

the benefits of Fiberglass Planters

low maintenance

Leave fiberglass planters sitting indoors or outdoors for weeks, months and years and they’ll stay in top condition with very little required maintenance.


Fiberglass planters are built to withstand the elements, damage, corrosion and high-traffic spaces.

weather resistant

Fiberglass planters are made to endure both warm summer heat, and the cold freezing temperatures of winter without cracks or fading.

UV-resistant colors

Accent designs with automotive-grade finishes in a rainbow of over 21 UV-resistant colors, including hues and shades of black, white, grey, brown, tan, beige, terracotta, blue, pink, yellow, orange, green, purple, teal and red.

large & small size options

Find the best fit for your spaces with extra large, small, wide, long, short, narrow, skinny and tall fiberglass planters with diverse dimensions. EPlanters planter heights range from 7 to 63 inches tall, and widths of 7 inches to 36 inches.

distinct planter shapes

Complement spaces with a wide variety of unique fiberglass planter shapes. Find fiberglass planters in rectangle, square, box, cube, spherical, round, urn, vase, bowl, curved and custom silhouettes that best match your space.

drainage holes

Proper drainage is key for plant health. Every ePlanters fiberglass planter pot, large or small, has the option to arrive with or without drainage holes for indoor and outdoor displays.


Efficient design and finishing processes allow fiberglass planters to be affordably priced for any project.


Fiberglass planters are lightweight and easy to move due to the low density of the composite material and high-quality construction.

best selling fiberglass planter collections

Our hand-crafted indoor and outdoor fiberglass planters offer both contemporary styles and traditional silhouettes. An ideal addition for homes, office buildings, landscapes, streetscapes, restaurants, shopping centers, retail spaces, hotels, hospitals, and lobbies, our fiberglass plant containers were made with excellence in mind. Find an ideal fit for doorways, entryways, hallways, tabletops, shelves, patios, pathways and decks with our high-quality selection of fiberglass plant pots.

Fiberglass Cube & Column Planters

Fiberglass Rectangle & Box Planters

Round & Cylinder Fiberglass Planter Pots

Tapered Fiberglass Plant Containers

Buying for a business or placing a bulk order?

quality fiberglass planter


Though some fiberglass planters are offered at cheaper prices, sometimes that comes at the cost of planter quality. Over time, the shortcuts taken to reduce costs become more apparent.

What Makes a Quality Fiberglass Planter?
Two Signs of Shortcuts

Fiberglass planters that aren’t constructed well can eventually leave plant designs looking unprofessional.

rough surfaces

If a fiberglass planter has lumps, bumps, and imperfections on the surface, it often means the planter was poorly made, improperly sanded, or other shortcuts were taken during the finishing process.

excessively heavy

Fiberglass planters are meant to be lightweight. If a planter seems too heavy for its size and shape, the manufacturer may have added low-quality fillers to the resin.

The Best fiberglass planters shipped safely

At ePlanters, our fiberglass planters are hand-finished by skilled craftsmen using high quality materials to ensure long-lasting installations. To make sure planters safely arrive during shipping, we wrap planters in Grade-A breathable fabric and use sturdy cardboard insert panels to protect from bumps in shipping. On box exteriors we attach sturdy cardboard edge protectors to every corner which helps protect against damage from straps, and neon stickers to remind our shipping partners to carefully handle products.

we take pride in every planter we ship

white tall square tapered fiberglass planter on a white background
extra large round cobalt blue fiberglass planter
extra large grey square cube fiberglass planter pot
black wide long rectangular fiberglass planter box on a white background


colorful globe shaped planters decorate an outdoor alley with large plants

15 Modern Fiberglass Planters for Indoor & Outdoor Designs

Plants add a chic, contemporary vibe to nearly any indoor or outdoor space. Though greenery should get most of the attention, a complementary planter helps to provide contrast and a balance to the natural elements of the plant.

outdoor fiberglass planters displayed in a grouping with various succulent plants

5 Ways to Use Fiberglass Patio Planters

Creating an outdoor patio space is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors, while maintaining the comfort of interior spaces. Adding plants can give your space a jungle-like vibe, and strategically placing planters can help to further enhance your patio area.

8 Large Fiberglass Planter Bowls for Indoor & Outdoor Plant Designs

When accenting indoor and outdoor spaces, a round bowl planter adds an unmatched flair. When made out of fiberglass, these large bowl planters maintain extra durability and can be used in any indoor or outdoor location.

FAQ About Fiberglass

What you should know about fiberglass planters and pots

Is fiberglass good for planters?

Yes! Fiberglass is a great choice for keeping your plants healthy because it helps retain moisture (so plants don’t dry out quickly) and insulates plant roots to keep them protected during temperature changes. Fiberglass planters can withstand many different weather conditions and won’t easily break or crack. These pots work both indoors and out, and they’re lightweight, durable, and versatile, coming in many different designs and colors. Many, like ePlanters’ Jay Scotts fiberglass planters, also come in UV-resistant colors. 

Can fiberglass planters stay outside during winter?

Yes! Quality, well-constructed fiberglass pots like those sold at ePlanters require very little maintenance and can withstand both extreme heat and cold. It’s important to ensure your planters have proper drainage holes to prevent cracks and breaking from freezing water, so choosing options with pre-drilled holes is best. Automotive-grade paint (as used in Jay Scotts fiberglass planters) also ensures the pot’s finish stays bright. 

Is it safe to grow fruit and vegetables in fiberglass containers?

Fiberglass is non-toxic and perfectly safe to use in the garden and with edible plants. It is not a porous material and will not leach any chemicals into the soil. 

Do fiberglass pots need sealing?

No, you do not need to seal fiberglass planters, though you may want to apply a protective wax layer to maintain the finish. And if your planter is going to be used outdoors, you should ensure you have appropriate drainage holes.

Do fiberglass planters break?

Quality fiberglass planters are extremely durable with minimal maintenance. They will not break or crack as long as you have the proper drainage holes and avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives. You can ensure an even longer life by repairing small scratches when needed and applying a wax coating to keep the finish like new. 

How long do fiberglass planters last?

The fiberglass pots at ePlanters, like those from Jay Scott, can last 15-50 years or more with proper care. The combination of fiberglass and resin, plus an advanced construction process, makes these planters extra durable. Constructed of commercial-grade materials that are lightweight but strong, fiberglass planters withstand extreme weather conditions and look great year-after-year.