About Our Brands

ePlanters retails some of the highest quality planter brands from manufacturers around the world. We proudly select planters and supplies that are easy to maintain, are environmentally friendly, and are available in a variety of finishes, shapes and styles to perfectly accent plants within indoor and outdoor spaces.

American Essence

Proudly made in the USA, American Essence planters are fully recyclable and offer classic silhouettes and streamlined modern planter designs to enhance any interior or exterior.

GreenLine Aluminum

GreenLine Aluminum specializes in the design and fabrication of aluminum planters. Enjoy the look of luxury without sacrificing durability with commercial-grade aluminum plant pots made to last.

Jay Scotts Planters

A leading manufacturer of high-quality fiberglass planters, our Jay Scotts planters offer an extensive collection of cutting-edge indoor and outdoor weather-resistant planter design options. Hand-crafted planters finished with UV resistant coatings provide a functional, durable and stylish accent to both residential and commercial planting projects.

Lechuza Planters

Sophisticated and streamlined, Lechuza brings German innovation to planter functionality and aesthetics. A variety of textures, shapes and colors provide options for customization, and a selection of award-winning self-watering planters allow for seamless plant maintenance.

Campania Planters

A premium designer and manufacturer of garden accents, Campania offers a range of outdoor and indoor decorative planters in upscale shapes and finishes. Planter designs blend traditional concepts with modern materials and textures to best complement landscapes.

Crescent Garden Planters

Crescent Garden offers innovative and practical planters designed to last year-round without cracks or fading. Modern elements paired with weatherproof lightweight design allow for a long-lasting, stylish and functional accent to interior and exterior spaces.

Novelty Planters

Novelty planters offer sensibly priced recyclable resin plant pots in faux stone finishes. Paired with classic silhouettes, any planting project can have an elegant finish.

Teraplast Planters

Teraplast Planters offer innovative outdoor and indoor decorative planters in a selection of modern finishes. Sleek designs paired with classic planter profiles offer upgrades to landscapes and designs.


PolyPebbles landscaping stones add a professional edge to planting designs. Made from recyclable resin, these faux decorative landscaping rocks make an excellent top dressing to accent interior and exterior landscapes.

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