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About us

Old roots, new shoots

For nearly a decade, our small family-owned company has been dedicated to providing homes and offices with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor flower pots and plant maintenance tools.

Over time, we began to realize there was something more to what we were doing than just decorating built spaces with plants. We noticed how homes and offices felt when they housed plants: warmer, lighter, more alive. And we also started noticing that the people inhabiting and working in those spaces smiled more, seemed more relaxed. What was going on? we wondered.

Were we imaging this?

Enter biophilia: Our innate connection to nature

The answer to our questions was no: We were not imagining it. The differences in how people felt and operated in the greener, more natural home and office spaces were due to biophilia, or humans’ innate, genetic affinity with nature. In fact, we learned that although our culture generally sets humans apart from nature, that separation is unhealthy for us. Our connection to nature goes beyond mere enjoyment; it is an essential biological need.

But we know that everyone has access to the solitude of a rocky shore or the peace of a mountain meadow. Modern life – with its concrete buildings and busy schedules and focus on technology – often creates barriers to interacting with nature. Tiny lots and apartment buildings often put gardening out of reach, and office buildings are designed to be efficient – and sterile.

Still…why couldn’t the natural world and the modern world somehow coexist? What if there were inexpensive but impactful ways of melding the modern world with the natural world?

If people were too busy to get out into nature, we would find a way to bring nature to them.

New shoots, new fruits: Our mission

Building on our existing business, we are re-envisioning our approach to strengthening the ties between

people and nature. We consciously select planters and supplies that:

  • Support busy modern lives with easy care and maintenance
  • Care for the environment with 100% recyclable materials
  • Spark the imagination with textures, colors, and finishes to suit any décor

We’ve started with a few, hand-picked product lines to inspire you to bring nature indoors or enhance your outdoor space with living, growing plants. We plan to expand our offerings – and stretch our imaginations – to help you explore the possibilities of wellbeing through biophilia.

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